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Thamestec undertake IT audits in Essex, London and Kent. Audit services include general control reviews, system reviews, project consulting services and due diligence reviews.

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IT Audits Essex, London & Kent.

IT audits in Essex - Basildon, Dagenham, Romford, Thurrock etc.
An information technology audit is an examination of the checks and balances or controls, within an information technology (IT) group. IT audits collect and evaluate “evidence” of an organisation’s information systems, practices, and operations. The evaluation of this evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding the information assets, maintaining data integrity, operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organisation’s business goals or objectives.

Primary Function of IT Audits.

Evaluate the systems that are in place to guard an organization’s information. Specifically, information technology audits are used to evaluate the organization’s ability to protect its information assets and to properly dispense information to authorized parties. IT audits aim to evaluate the following:

  • Will the organization’s computer systems be available for the business at all times when required? (known as availability)
  • Will the information in the systems be disclosed only to authorised users? (known as security and confidentiality)
  • Will the information provided by the system always be accurate, reliable, and timely? (measures the integrity)

In this way, the audit hopes to assess the risk to the company’s valuable asset (its information) and establish methods of minimizing those risks.
IT Audits plan
Many organisations are spending large amounts of money on IT because they recognise the tremendous benefits that IT can bring to their operations and services. However, they need to ensure that their IT systems are reliable, secure and not vulnerable to computer attacks

IT audits are important because they give assurance that the IT systems are adequately protected. Also, they provide reliable information to users and are properly managed to achieve their intended benefits.

Many users rely on IT without knowing how computers work. A computer error could be repeated indefinitely causing more extensive damage than a human mistake.

IT audits can also help to reduce risks of data tampering, data loss, leakage, service disruption and poorly managed IT systems.

Types of IT Audit

General Control Reviews.

These types of services might include audits of your company infrastructure such as the computing network, change management or how the Company deals with outside IT vendors to provide services. A general control review generally considers the configuration of the infrastructure as well as access controls to the infrastructure and applications.

System Reviews.

These types of reviews are a type of audit that focus on an applications utilized by the Company.  An application review generally considers functions for segregation of duties and access control.

Project Consulting Services.

IT Audits can assist with the implementation of a new system or application.  Work of this type might include review of functional and business requirements to assist in the creation of recommended security controls to be included to reduce the time frame and cost of implementing security once the new system or application has been implemented.

Due Diligence Reviews.

IT Outsourcing is a process where an IT Audit acts as an independent and objective partner to assist with informed decision-making with regards to the internal controls that a vendor offers for the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Company data prior to signing a contract with a new vendor.
IT audits - governance and compliance


Thamestec provide IT Audits in Essex, London and Kent.

Some of the areas included: Barking, Basildon, Bexley, Brentwood, Canary Wharf, Chafford Hundred, Chelmsford, Crayford, Crossways, Dagenham, Dartford, Erith, Grays, Harlow, Hornchurch, Lakeside, London Gateway, Romford, Stanford-le-Hope, Southend, Thurrock, Tilbury, Upminster.