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Thamestec provide a Software Licensing & Procurement service in Essex, London and Kent.

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Software Licensing Management

Ensures that the legal agreements that come with procured software licenses are adhered to. In simple terms, it ensures that only legally procured licenses are deployed on your systems. Organisations spend a fortune on licenses every year. A lack of management of licenses can result in heavy fines.
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Software and Systems Licence audits.

Whether you need a list of everything installed on a device, or a comprehensive inventory of every application on your network.

Licence Compliance & Reporting.

We can track the number of application licenses you have allocated against your number of installations. We can even set up scheduled reports and alerts so that you know if you accidently fall out of compliance.

Application Patching & Hotfixes.

We can report on patch and hotfix compliance and remediate and monitor your network. Ensures that all available vendor patches are applied to help keep your data safe & secure.

Licence Procurement.

There is a multitude of complex software vendor licensing models. We can provide competitive pricing in respect of software licensing for most vendor software including Microsoft Volume Licencing. As a result, clients are able to run their business with one less headache!


Software Licensing & Procurement service in Essex, London & Kent.

Some of the areas we cover:-
Barking, Basildon, Bexley, Brentwood, Canary Wharf, Chelmsford, Dagenham, Dartford, Romford, Stanford-le-Hope, Southend, Thurrock and Upminster.